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Here at TS-Geckos We are forever getting emails asking the most basic of genetic questions.

What will I get if I cross my Normal with my Eclipse.... Simple question, that with a little bit of guidance anyone can answer.

We had been meaning to build this section of the website to a great learning resource for any enthusiast wanting to learn more about genetics, however time kept getting the better of us until we came across some cleverly directed and information packed animated videos that made us realise, we would never be able to do better.

With the kind permission of Hollis Dahn (the creator) below are some videos to help get your head around the basics of reptile genetics.

You can view more of Hollis' work on her YouTube channel here.

The Basics.... DNA, Chromosomes and Alleles explained

Singles Recessives and Simple Punnet squares explained

 Progressing on to Double Recessive morphs and more complex Punnet squares

Explaining what 66% Het means and why we need to test breed them



Morph List

We have compiled a list of most of the leopard gecko morphs available today.

Unfortunately it is very hard with the ever increasing number of morphs and trade names to guarantee that all morphs are present in this list, however we feel sure this will assist you in some way, and is one of the most comprehensive lists available today.

If you notice anything missing that you feel should be on the list please feel free to contact us - Your support will make the list better! 

Click here to view the list  - Please check the bottom if your required morph is not in its respective alphabetical position.

(1/2C) = 1 or 2 copies (heterozygous or homozygous) for a dominant trait.

Polygenic traits are often overlooked when selling geckos IE: a RAPTOR will still be sold as a RAPTOR even if it is banded and is not Tangerine. The examples given in the polygenic column are what the morph SHOULD be.

We do ask that you acknowledge TS-Geckos, when using any information contained within the list.

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