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News - Website Redesign

Over the next week or so, visitors to our website will notice changes to the design and content.

We are currently completely redesigning our website to give it a fresher and cleaner feel.

Some content may still be styled in the old website theme, please bear with us it will be changed in due course. We have chosen to transfer this way to ensure that there are no "down periods" and users can still access all information on the site. 

News - Our Collection page update

We have update the collection parts of our website with some acquisition made over the past year.

Some areas are still under construction, so please be patient whilst we are still updating.

News - Big Black Pearl News

We finally reveal, why there has been so much secrecy surrounding The Black Pearl.

Click here to read more....

News - 2011 Well underway!

As most breeding enthusiasts will know, spring leading to early summer is an exciting time of year for most... Eggs being laid left, right and center. Little eyes peering out of incubators, taking their first glimpses of life. The constant change of juvenile leopard geckos as they mature into their magnificent final colours.

It is by far the most satisfying time of the year for us, and I'm sure it is for many others.

The 2011 breeding season is well underway for us and we would like to take the chance to wish you all the best for the rest of the season!

News - Large number of surplus breeders for sale

We have just posted a large number of surplus breeders for sale on our available page.

As we slowly downsize other projects to make way for what will be the ever growing Black Pearl, it sadly see's us making the decision to cut back in other areas. 

Check out the AVAILABLE pages to see the amazing geckos on offer. 

News - Introducing our new project... THE BLACK PEARL!

We would like to publicly announce our latest project which sees TS and MMM Geckos in joint ownership of a European exclusive.... The Black Pearl!
Please click here to visit our Black Pearl webpages.

News - More New additions 

We have added another Tangerine Tornado and TUG Sunglow to our collection to enhance our breeding groups even more.

News - Site Update

Over the days running up to the 2/2/09 you may have noticed a lot of the site was not viewable or down. This was due to us switching domains and updating web space.

Whilst doing the switch over we decided to shuffle the site round a bit to make it easier to navigate round. One of our main features is the clear News, Photos and Available bar on the right. We hope this saves you time when browsing the site.

Our new domain is so please bookmark it or change your records if you have bookmarked our old domain. will only redirect to this website for a limited time.

News - New Additions Arrive 21/1/09

Well we've chosen a few geckos to not only strengthen our Sunglow line even more but to start a few new projects.

Below are the pictures of our new 1.1 Tangerine Tornados, 0.1 Sunglows and our Super Hypo TUG Snow! We have also received a male Hypo TUG snow.

Check out the OUR COLLECTION page for pics!


News - New Sunglows arrive! 20/9/08

Our new Ray Hine line sunglows arrived this evening. Our male is het for RAPTOR and our female is 50% het for RAPTOR, so we may get some nice surprises from this pairing.

     Male:                                                                        Female:


News - The Urban Gecko order arrives

Fresh of a plane at 6am this morning, were our new TUG Sunglows and Phantoms.


Check the OUR COLLECTION page to see our amazing new geckos!

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